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June 7, 2013
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DA Pro Camera Bag by KingRefi DA Pro Camera Bag by KingRefi
My camera bag finally came! Yay! <333

1- Shot of the front of the bag! So many straps and pouches!
2- My little Nikon D3100 fits so safe and snuggly inside!
3- Side pouch where I keep my filters. WHOO Right now all I have is a UV filter, but hoping to get some more soon.
4- Another pouch. O/
5- The inside of the bag has all these little compartments for lenses! So there's my camera chilling out with my three lenses, my wallet, and...CARRYING ON
6- The inside of the side pouch with my UV filter
7- It came with a raincover! That was a cool little surprise :3
8- Across the chest strap. I love how it sits. :love:

But yes! Bit thank you to everyone who helped me get this. Especially =GiaZeries who sent me the last push of points I needed. <3

So glad I got this before the store closed :dummy:
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